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Tribal Fuel Network

Fleet Card Program

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Make your tribal fuel site a top destination for commercial fueling. Join the Tribal Fuel Network (TFN) and replicate the success of a tribal cardlock station.

The TFN Fleet Card Program has many unique features that allows your tribal fueling station to build a brand, create a loyal customer base, and capture additional margins and sales. The more commercial accounts you set up with your program, the greater the return.

Benefits to You

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Control Your Margins

With your personalized TFN Fleet Card you have the ability to control margins at your cardlock site. This is all programmed through the network and allows for the ability to charge different margins to different customers.

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Benefits Even Out of Network

Each time your card is utilized at another cardlock site you benefit from that transaction. TFN processes the transactions and passes your markup back to you.

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Cross Promotion

Fleet card holders will be incentivized to stop and fuel at other TFN locations to claim savings. Other TFN customers brought in by other tribes will also stop at your site.

Benefits to Your Customers

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Fleet cards cut administrative time by eliminating the need to sort through receipts and reimburse drivers. Each gallon of fuel is easily tracked by the driver.

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Thousands of commercial fueling sites around the country are open 24/7 and easily accessible. Fleet cards allow access to these sites.

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With an authorized driver identification number required to make a purchase, fleet cards help reduce the risk with lost or stolen cards. Both driver IDs and cards can be cancelled immediately, providing additional protection.

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Because fleet cards can only be used for fuel (and other authorized products), fleet managers do not have to worry about unauthorized purchases.

Network and Reimbursements

The TFN Fleet Card Program handles transactions differently based on site.

Card Description Available
Cougar Den Tribal Fuel Network fleet card TFN customers at your site check mark icon check mark icon
Cougar Den Tribal Fuel Network fleet card TFN customers at other TFN site check mark icon check mark icon
Cougar Den Tribal Fuel Network fleet card TFN customers at other site dash icon check mark icon

The Network

Tribal Fuel Network is creating an extensive network of tribal fueling cardlock stations across the Northwest. These fueling stations are strategically located along major corridors that are convenient and accessible, creating preferred and sought-after destinations for commercial fleets. In addition, TFN Fleet Cards are accepted at over 50,000 additional non-tribal cardlock sites across the country.

Map of Native American reservations in the Pacific Northwest

Tribes and Reservations Located in the Northwest

The Cardlock Model

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Not all fuel stations are created equal, especially when it comes to commercial fleet fueling. Fleet drivers want to be able to pull into a station, fuel up, and be on their way. With retail stations, that isn’t always the case. Often commercial trucks are left waiting in line behind small personal vehicles to get their fuel or navigating around a small lot to get to the pump. With cardlock stations, large trucks can pull right into a large lot and skip straight to the pump.

In addition, most commercial fleets prefer to use a fleet card program that provides various benefits. Fleet cards are typically only accepted at cardlocks and special fueling stations.

Benefits of a Cardlock Station

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Wider access points for commercial fueling with 1,000s of locations.

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High Volume

Get trucks out and on the road quicker and safer.

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Product restrictions on fleet cards and better security.

Tribal Fuel Network offers the experience and guidance to help tribes open their own station or upgrade to a tribal cardlock station and manage a fleet card program.

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