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When you choose Cougar Den, you get

The best price
without state fuel excise tax

A fuel distributor who
understands Indian Country

Industry expertise
in tribal fuel distribution

and true to our word

The freedom to build your own brand

Cougar Den’s unconventional business model is disrupting the fuel industry. With the advantages we are able to provide, tribal fueling stations can use strategic pricing to capture untapped markets. By working with us, our partners have proven the Cougar Den Advantage time and time again.

By selling Cougar Den state tax-free fuel, tribal stations are able to choose a pricing structure that’s lower than competitors, increases sales volume, and allows for the collection of tribal taxes that directly benefit the tribe and its members.

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Within the first six months of using Cougar Den state tax-free fuel, your tribal fuel station can…

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  • Increase your volumes
  • Increase your margins
  • Increase your inside sales

We Live by Our Word

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At Cougar Den we live by our word. We believe each and every tribal station is unique and has different goals and outcomes it wants to achieve. We work with each station to develop an agreement that works and makes sense.

When you order fuel from us, we promise to provide great service, fast delivery, and big savings.

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How It Works

Our sovereign right to fuel your business growth

Due to the Yakama Treaty of 1855, Article III, Cougar Den exerts its sovereign rights and does not collect or remit from tribal governments any state fuel excise tax. The savings are passed back to the tribe.

Our delivered fuel costs much less than any other name-brand distributors due to this treaty right. We believe that as a tribal station it’s your choice what to do with those savings—you can add a tribal fuel tax that supports your tribe, keep prices lower than your competitors, or simply pocket the profits to further develop your business enterprise.

Cougar Den Fuel

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Other Distributors

Infographic showing state fuel tax, federal tax, and base price of name brand fuel

Compared to other distributors, Cougar Den fuel is always the lowest possible price. Instead of paying state fuel tax, you can keep the profits or reinvest in your tribe—it’s up to you.

Easy ordering and delivery - your 24/7 partner

Ordering fuel is easy with Cougar Den. We constantly watch the fuel market and offer three different filling strategies to our partners:

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Keep Tanks Full

Your tanks will always be topped off

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Market Watch

Shop the rack for the best price

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Never worry about running out of fuel

Depending on your strategy, we deliver fuel to your station within a day, and you receive an invoice the very next day. Whenever you need help or have questions we’re just a phone call away—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Future of Tribal Convenience Stores

Tribal fueling stores have the potential to become major revenue generators for tribal nations. We have experienced this firsthand: over the years, our 15 tribal fueling station customers have seen exponential growth. Store managers can take several different pricing strategies and achieve a positive net gain with endless possibilities. Cougar Den has the experience, the ability, and the mission to provide quality, tax-free gas and diesel to tribal enrolled members and tribes at the best possible price.

Control your margins, build your brand, and exercise your sovereignty.

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