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Tribal Fuel Transport
Your Fuel Partner

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Tribal Fuel Transport is your partner for on-time and painless fuel delivery. We offer a variety of quality petroleum products that are free from state taxes.

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24/7 Support

Petroleum products can be at your station within one day. We handle all the logistics.

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Fast & Easy Ordering

You’re just a phone call away from our dedicated customer support team.

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On-Call Team

Our top-notch dispatchers and their years of experience are available seven days a week to help overcome any problems you may face.

Our Products


87 and 92 octane gasoline, non-ethanol gasolines, and other grades of fuel as requested


A variety of propane services that can match any competitor in quality and value

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Retail and commercial solutions available


An efficient way to ensure you always have products on hand for an affordable price

Cougar Den Inc. is proud to offer the following brands.

76 Flat Ball Only 4 C R
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Tribal Fuel Transport makes ordering fuel simple. Find out for yourself how easy it can be.

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Ordering Process

With Cougar Den, quality, tax-free fuel is just a phone call away. Our ordering process takes all the hassle out of keeping your tanks full and ready to serve your customers.

  1. Place order

    1. Place your order

  2. Dispatch

    2. Dispatch schedules order

  3. Fuel transported

    3. Fuel transported

  4. Station receives product

    4. Your station receives product

  5. Invoice sent

    5. Invoice is sent the next day